When the inner infrastructure of your piping system is deteriorating, the damages are often costly and not ideal for work or living. Root intrusion in underground pipelines and debris build-up can cause back-ups, leading to a less than ideal situation and stench.

Piping systems can become brittle and pitted which can lead to cracks and holes in the pipe that can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your building. As the pipe ages, these holes and uneven surfaced can slow the flow rates and foul smells can permeate from behind walls.

The Nu Drain liner is structural and the epoxy-felt impregnated liner becomes a new surface for which the debris can flow, which can extend the life of the piping system another 20-30 years. Once the repair is complete the plumbing repairs and maintenance such as hydro jetting and snaking can be done traditionally.

PSS offers horizontal and vertical sanitary and storm drains inspection, cleaning and lining for diameters ranging from 1.5″ up to 12″ inside and outside the following buildings:

Residential: condominiums, apartments, retirement and nursing facilities

Commercial and Industrial: shopping malls, high-rise offices, and airports

Health Care: hospitals and patient care facilities

Universities & Schools

Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos

Historical Building


The Benefits of Pipe Lining

Cost-effective (½ the cost)

Time-efficient (2x faster)

Utilizes existing access points; no damage to the building

Pipe system is functional during our work

No displacement or disturbance of your work

Rehabilitate mechanical systems to match useful life of building envelope; longevity of your piping system

Restoring original flow and capacity, conserves water and power; you save on time, cost and labour.

New pipes are subject to the same challenges and will inevitably experience the same problems

Requires costly “put back” to fix walls and ceilings, repave floors, paint and clean up the construction site

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