Masonry and Concrete Repair

Over time nature's cycles and airborne pollution result in wear and tear on masonry and concrete surfaces. Even new concrete slabs sometimes require grinding and other treatments to eliminate imperfections. Problems resulting from excessive soil and contaminant buildup, delamination, cracking, flaking, efflorescence, spalling, loose units and wear should be addressed timely before further damage ensues.

• Concrete grinding and polishing

• Façade anchoring and stabiliziation

• Brick replacement and tuckpointing

• Concrete repair, strengthening, and resurfacing

• Stone and terra cotta repair and replacement

• Carbon fiber strengthening and reinforcing

• Masonry and concrete sealing with either clear or decorative coatings

• Sealant removal and replacement

Parking Deck Rehabilitation

Parking garage decks are subject to a wide variety of factors and conditions that can greatly affect their structural integrity and overall appearance. These include inadequate engineering, improper construction methods, insufficient surface preparation, excessive exposure to automotive fluids and de-icing agents, heavy and prolonged vehicular traffic, and wear and tear from seasonal expansion and contraction.

Over time, the cumulative effects of these stressors result in major problems, ranging from premature overlay failure, to spalling, to full-blown deck failure. We have developed a parking deck restoration system that is designed to ensure maximum performance and long-term protection against these conditions.


Moisture intrusion is common in both new and old structures. PSS protects the aesthetic and structural integrity of buildings with preventive and corrective waterproofing products and techniques. Our waterproofing arsenal includes a wide variety of processes for keeping water out of structures, including:

• Concrete and masonry densification

• Application of clear and decorative sealers and coatings

• Tuckpointing

• Expansion joint system repair

• Installation of drainage systems

• Parapet cap fabrication and repair

• Installation of silicone, urethane, and polyurea sealants

• Window installation and repairs

• Roof system installation and repairs

• Bentonite Injection

No job is too small. For routine repairs and smaller project, PSS’s Building Services Division is here to help. Call PSS for the following :

Concrete Crack Repair

Minor Water Escape Damage Repair

Residential & commercial foundation repair

Residential and commercial waterproofing

Epoxy/resin injections 

Repainting Parking Lines and Numbers (indoors and out)

Compactor Room Repairs

Repair or Replace Foyer Floor Cracks

Outdoor Interlock or Patio Repairs, Railings

Stucco Crack Repair and Painting

Structural Repairs to Playground, Patio, Pergola/Gazebo

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